Transformational Coaching

My approach to coaching is to provide a reflective space in which a person may better understand the current challenges and experiences which they are facing in order to discover new possibilities and insights for further development. In this way the process is led by the client whose understanding emerges from within him or herself; it is not driven by a ‘goal-orientated’ or superimposed systems of any kind.


Executive/ Leadership Coaching:

Having spent most of my career in education and 19 years as a headteacher of a secondary school, I am keen to support those who find themselves in leadership roles or are aspiring to do so. The quality of leadership determines the quality of an organisation, whether it be in the corporate world or in the world of education. It is a hugely demanding role and one which is increasingly understood to benefit from the support of a coach. My lifelong experience in mindfulness practice is often found to be of particular interest to clients.


Life Coaching:

There is that in all of us which strives to realise our full potential, to grow into the fullness of who we really are. As we navigate our way through life we sometimes meet obstacles or blocks which seem difficult to transcend. 

Transformational coaching provides a safe space in which a person can begin to see for themselves how to take a new step towards fulfilment.  I work one-to-one with people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

Please click on the following link to read my testimonials on transformational coaching.



Consultant in Educational Development

Having trained as a primary school teacher in the 1970s my last 19 years in schools were spent in a headship of a secondary school. This school was in need of significant transformation, so there was much work to do on many levels. It grew into an extremely successful and sought-after school. When I stepped down as head, I was asked to act as a Director of Education for the group of schools of which I was head of one. This is a part-time role and I practise as a consultant and coach for the remainder of my working week.  


Supporting Headteachers and Leaders:

In addition to coaching, I offer support to heads in discerning their particular vision for their schools and discovering how to transform that vision into a whole-school reality.

I am a qualified Heads’ Appraiser and conduct appraisals for heads in junior and secondary schools



Developing moral and spiritual education

In schools, much depends upon the quality of the spiritual and moral education of children and young people. Although this area of the curriculum has been given increasing importance over the last few years, it is tricky to deliver. There is much scepticism over the term ‘spiritual’ and equal concern over the difficulty of delivering ‘moral’ values in a world which is increasingly confused. 

I have found that a philosophical approach to spiritual and moral education is immensely effective.  Young people need to be nourished with wisdom in order to grow their own powers of discernment.  Lives are shaped by the decisions we make and these are dependent upon the degree of understanding available to us. The quality of our understanding is, in turn, dependent upon the depth of wisdom which we have imbibed from external sources, from life’s experience and from within.  It is through such understanding that young people can flourish.



Enhancing well-being through mindfulness and meditation

The degree of mental and emotional distress which people from all sections of our community are currently experiencing is a well-known phenomenon. ‘Mindfulness’ and meditation practices are now recognised to be of significant help in meeting these needs.

Meditation and contemplation have been central to my own life since my mid-teens. During my nineteen year headship of St James School, I have developed a variety of practices for young people and adults from a wide range of spiritual, religious and non-religious backgrounds. In many cases, it has transformed their lives and has evidently enhanced their experience and achievements significantly. The deep ease which arises through resting in the simplicity of being is hugely beneficial.


Laura Hyde, Cert Ed, MEd