Consultant in educational development

Human development is ultimately the journey which a human being makes to realise fulfilment. A good education would contribute to this process through the expansion of knowledge and the flourishing of all that is best in human nature. There is an art to providing the circumstances in which the golden qualities which reside at the heart of human nature can be nourished and drawn forth. When this happens, the individual finds satisfaction and others benefit from the gifts which his nature has to offer.

Having worked with young people and adults for nineteen years as a headteacher, I continue to marvel at how it is possible to provide the conditions in which the magnificence of human nature can find its expression. I would like to offer the fruit of my experience so far, to other schools, parents, young people or adults in various walks of life, to help them discover how those circumstances can be provided.

We live in a time of great turbulence. The challenges which individuals, families and societies face today to maintain harmony, dignity and good order are very great indeed. A fresh approach is needed to address the causes of human misery and distress.