Supporting headteachers and leaders

Making vision and ethos a reality

Much is said about the importance of vision in leadership. It is self-evident that the quality of an organisation reflects the attributes of its leader, for good or ill. Anyone who aspires to excel in leadership recognises the need for vision in order to inspire all those who work within the community and to set the direction of travel. However, people often find it difficult to clarify their own vision and may experience even more difficulty in giving expression to it. Realising one’s vision requires being in touch with the deeper aspects of one’s experience and having recourse to insight; the deeper the vision, the greater its potential. It is sometimes helpful to have some support to assist with this area.

Having clarified the vision and the means by which it can be expressed, it is then necessary to find a way of implementing it successfully throughout every part of the organisation. This process establishes the ‘ethos’, the real condition of the organisation wherein all that is considered valuable becomes a living reality. When this happens, words cease to be merely aspirational and the spoken values of the organisation can be said to be absolutely authentic. Every leader would wish to be able to realise complete integrity wherein what is said and what is done, are in consonance. 

My experience lends itself well to assisting a headteacher or leader in this area of his or her work. The support offered would always be built on a relationship of trust and professional confidentiality.

Headteachers’ appraisals

Appraisal of headteachers is a delicate and sensitive process. Well executed, it should be a refreshing means of providing real support and opportunity for a degree of professional development which the headteacher would naturally desire. Badly executed, the headteacher feels threatened and criticised by an external agent whose intervention is perceived as intrusive.

I am a trained headteachers’ appraiser and work with the head and governors to provide a process which is truly valuable and respectful of the headteacher’s position.